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Sounds like a crazy word right? Yeah, well this year, members of FanuMe decided to make that an important part of our meetings with the planning team for our Life Fair. After introducing who we all are to newcomers, we’d then state something “happylicious” that had happened recently. And so it began…the irony. We had no problem stating our names, what we did professionally, or even remembering the names of previous members, but for some reason….when it came to stating something we were happy for, we simply. were. stuck. Sadly, I must admit that I too was one of those people that needed a little time to think of something good that had recently happened.

Why is it SO hard to do this? I can tell you that personally speaking. Life is hard. You’ve got deadlines, obligations, traffic, nay-sayers, funky stuff on the internet and tv, and in the midst of ALL that, you’re supposed to think of happy thoughts? I won’t say it’s impossible, but you get my drift. Nevertheless, it’s always great to see the smiles come across everyone’s face in the cohesive happiness once the ice has thawed and we can “remember” things to be happy for.  Something tells me, this is a tradition that’s not going anywhere…

What are you happy for? Let’s hear it!!

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